About the Comic

The Super Secret Mercenary Organization Topaz is located in an undisclosed location in deep space. Its specially trained operatives answer the call of those who know their number, handling jobs of every possible type. Recently, the founder’s son has taken the helm. He’s going to have to work hard to gain the respect of his motley crew. But first he needs to find a way of keeping the lights on.

This comic first found life under the name of “Freelance” when I was at the tender age of fifteen. This was back before most people knew what AOL was, much less a webcomic, so I had fifty copies printed up at Kinko’s and sold them at local comic shops. I only finished two issues before other obligations claimed me. Many years later I shared the scans on my website, but adult life kept me from working on them any longer. Now, half a lifetime later, I’ve managed to reboot the series! It lives again under the name “Super Secret Mercenary Organization Topaz.” The characters haven’t changed, though they have matured. I drew the first issue over the course of years, so hopefully you will see a marked progression in my abilities by the time you reach the second!

About the Artist

I’m Jenn. 36. Chubby white lady. I like to draw, write, listen to music, love on my furry children, laugh at Tumblr with my nerdy partner, and stuff my face with sweet things. I also work full time at a craft store. If you like what I do, maybe you can donate to my Patreon so that I can work part time at a craft store instead. Then I can draw more. That’d be swell. I am also floating around Twitter and other places, so click the links up top if you want to chat with me!